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Your Wedding Podcast Interview with Noor’s Robert Shahnazarian

Robert Shahnazarian Noor Interview

Recently our very own Robert Shahnazarian, owner of Noor and head of sales and marketing, gave an interview on, courtesy of Henry Chen from Aevitas Weddings.

During the interview, which is titled, How A Wedding Venue Can Exceed The Expectations Of Brides And Grooms With Noor, Robert shares unique info about Noor, and how Noor consistently exceeds the expectations of brides and grooms with a behind-the-scenes look at how Robert and his staff go about making Noor weddings truly spectacular.

Here is an excerpt from the accompanying article…

“Over the past six years, Robert has produced over 2,000 events ranging in all sizes and types including weddings, birthdays, anniversary celebrations, and more. Prior to that, Robert was an in-house music producer at Sony Music working with an extensive list of artists including Taylor Swift, Snow Patrol, and many more. From a wedding venue perspective, producing a successful wedding requires a lot of detail and a well-functioning team.

Robert took the same skill set that it takes to produce a song or a record and applied it to producing weddings. This involves hiring talented people around you to implement each aspect of the wedding, such as the catering service and the drinks, as well as the cleanliness and security of the wedding venue.

Exceeding the expectations of brides and grooms on their wedding day.

Since starting Noor, Robert learned that what clients are paying for when booking a wedding venue is the implementation of details. This can be from the linen color they selected all the way through to the type of sauce that they want on the meat. It’s all about the details. As a wedding venue, the goal is to collect all these details, and at Noor they provide couples with their event planning kit to do just that. This planning kit gathers the deliverables that Noor needs so that on the day of the wedding there is no need to even talk to the couple, allowing them to be in the moment, enjoying their wedding day as everything goes off without a hitch.”

To read the full article and listen to the podcast please click here

Thanks to Henry for such a fascinating interview. You can find out more about him and his wedding photography service on his website here.

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