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Photo by: Lin & Jirsa

Vendor Spotlight – Sam Lim Studio

It’s been a while since our last Vendor Spotlight so we’re kicking off the series again with a post about the lovely Sam Lim, of Sam Lim Studio. Sam has photographed many weddings at NOOR over the past few years and we frequently feature his work on our blog and social media. Sam takes beautiful photographs but that’s just one of the reasons we love his work. In addition he has a fabulous eye, capturing those special moments that present themselves for just a fraction of a second and then are gone. When you think back to your wedding day you won’t be able to remember every moment so it’s very important to have a photographer that can capture them all for you. Every wedding is full of details from the bride’s shoes to the spectacular centerpieces, so much time, energy and money goes into all of this and Sam’s attention to these details is second to none, often supplying couples with an many as 1000 photos of their special day to choose from.

In Sam’s own words…

“I have always aimed at giving the customer more than they asked for. I keep on the cutting edge of technology, and I try to never forget the tried and true techniques that have gotten photography to where it is today. Being at the right place at the right time is all that matters and those photographers who can capture the moment are an exclusive group. Upon graduation from Brooks Institute of Photography, I interned with the famed Annie Leibovitz and later assisted for two years. While in New York I rediscovered my style and form and interpreted my works from experience.”

Sam has worked with Vogue, Vanity Fair, Hermes, Ralph Lauren and many more.

Please enjoy the following photos from the weddings Sam photographed at NOOR in the past year.






















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